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Happy Accidents & Gallery Reception

"Happy Accidents"

This was my first time to create a flower using color pencils. It was quite a challenge mixing and layering the colors. No matter how many layers I added, I still couldn't get it quite right. But I discovered by accident that when I went to erase it all, it left behind a "stain" that was exactly the right colors I wanted in the first place! I love when "happy accidents" happen. I also love the fact that I got to work on this drawing while my daughter, Madolyn, was visiting from NYC.

I also focused on getting the skin tones to graduate from light to dark. I was surprised that my darks really weren't dark enough when I was comparing it to the reference photo. So I added a few more layers. I was quite pleased with the results.

The lady on the right is still a work in progress. I am very proud of it because it is the first time that I have done a closeup of a face on a large scale (24"x18"). I utilized the "grid" technique that I learned about last week in my art class.

ERJCC Adult Student Art Show Reception

I am so excited to have accomplished one of my dreams - of having my artwork on display in the gallery at the ERJCC! I was one of two guest artists featured. I enjoyed talking to the people and answering questions about my techniques. The feedback was quite favorable. If you haven't seen it yet, the artwork will be on display through the middle of May.

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