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About the Artist : Jennifer Friedman

Jennifer Friedman

Over the past twenty-five years, I’ve expressed my emotions, memories, and talents through quilting, scrapbooking, photography, and various forms of painting and mixed media collage. For me, Art is my escape, offering both connections and freedom at its core.  


As I envision my projects, I sense a connection to the people and scenes I create. I feel connected to the canvas, the paint, and the brushstrokes that express my vision. When I collage I feel connected to the pieces of treasures, the pictures they come from and how they are repurposed to produce a new piece of work that emits very different messages and emotions. And finally, peeling the glue or paint from my hands after creating brings me back to the simpler days of my youth. 


My art enables me to connect with others in an emotional and spiritual way. Sharing my passion within the creative community and seeing the connections others have with my paintings brings me purpose, satisfaction, and joy.


At the same time, I feel the freedom to get lost in the moment of creating as if a direct line flows between my soul and my brush. I let go of my daily tasks and feel beautifully unconstrained and unafraid. 


I love both the interplay of different pieces within a series as well as the freedom to transition from one series with its particular message, style, and media, to perhaps a very different path to follow. 


Discovering my home within the broad range of mixed media arts provides a vibrant connection flowing subtly from my creative roots. 


I hope you, my audience, feel the connection with my pieces and perhaps deep within yourself, as well as grasp the freedom each piece may convey to you.  




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Houston, Texas


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