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Who Are We?

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Jennuine Expressions LLC

Jennuine Expressions was born January 01, 2019 as a vehicle to share Jennifer’s inspirational art with the world.  We are driven to create a cost-effective and efficient organization focused on generating unique and imaginative art.

Jennifer Friedman (President/Artist)

Jennifer grew up in Kansas City before arriving in Houston in 1989. Jennifer is the mother of three children, Gwendolyn, Madolyn, and Noah. In addition to painting and collage, Jennifer has captured many family memories throughout the years in Houston, Detroit, London, Austin, and countless family vacations through her photographic and scrapbooking talents. Jennifer has embraced her talent to make connections through mixed media arts. 

Steve Friedman (Business Manager)

Steve was lured to Houston after college to begin a thirty-year career in Supply Chain Management with Shell Oil.  Steve is the proud husband of Jennifer and father of three. Since retiring in 2018, Steve is enjoying more time with the family, cultivating his writing passion, and providing business management structure to Jennuine Expressions.

Noah Friedman (Technical Manager)

Noah attends The Ohio State University, majoring in Business Management (specializing in Operations Management), and minoring in music with a focus on voice. Apart from classes, he takes part in the Baking Club and Buckeye Operations Management Society at OSU. Noah also enjoys technical problem solving and website development for Jennuine Expressions.

Gwendolyn Friedman (Contributing Artist)

Gwendolyn lives and attends classes at Austin's Marbridge Foundation. When she’s not jamming to her favorite music, she loves to paint and make jewelry.

Madolyn Friedman (Creative Consultant)

Madolyn has been creative ever since she assembled her first chorus line with Fisher-Price play mobile friends at the age of ten.  Recently a graduate of Emerson College in Boston with a BFA in Stage Management, she is now working with various theatres throughout Houston and the Washington D.C. area.

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