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I'm designing my own coloring book series!

Thank you to everyone who viewed and shared my last week's blog. If you missed it, click here. I was feeling so energized by the emails and comments you sent me that I wanted to share more exciting news!

In the last few months I have created over120 of these designs based upon my own artwork. (I can't stop creating these!!!). As I thought about the coloring books I wanted to create I thought about categorizing them both by theme and by intricacy level. These are the categories that best represent my artwork and style:

  • whimsical (featured)

  • floral

  • geometric

  • gentle waves

I have defined the intricacy levels as simple, advanced, master, and "Insanely Crazy!"

Not surprisingly, I found the majority of my existing designs currently fall into the "Master" and "Insanely Crazy" categories.

So moving forward and knowing that I want to create coloring books for all 4 levels, I am challenging myself to simplify (a very difficult concept for me!) so that I can focus on creating more simple and advanced level coloring pages.

Here are some of the features I intend to include in the book itself:

  • lays flat

  • printed only on one side which helps with bleeding of markers or sharpies.

  • has perforated pages that can be torn out and framed

  • introduction of my process on creating this book

  • tips and hints

  • words of encouragement sprinkled throughout that helps in your art journey as well as in life

This is the original floral watercolor painting that I had created many years ago and is in my "stash" of art that got stuck" because I didn't know what to do with it at the time.

I photographed it with my iPhone and imported the image into my Procreate app for iPad.

As you can see I intentionally zoomed in quite a bit. I saw a waterfall and waves crashing at the bottom and a little bit of sunshine.

Side note: I also intend to create a "reverse coloring book" where I supply these images as already being colored in and you get to create your own line art on top! I would provide drawing tips and ideas as well as a forum for you to share your creations. More on this topic coming as a future blog!

I then created 3 separate layers of line art on top using the various intricacy levels.

"Simple" - thinking about kids and adults who love to color but don't have time or desire to get really detailed.

"Advanced" - just a bit more detail, but not too overwhelming for most people.

"Master" - These will definitely take more time and patience, but it's the journey that matters, right?

I didn't create a crazy insane level here, but may choose to do so in the future. By zooming in I created the effect of a stained glass window, which I absolutely love and makes me happy.

And here is the19-second time-lapsed video of its creation:

Your feedback is welcome!

I could organize these books in so many different ways - by theme or by intricacy level or some other way.

Which do you prefer?

  1. By theme (floral, geometric, gentle waves, whimsical) - all 4 levels included.

  2. By level - all themes included

I am also thinking about selling these as digital downloads on my website. That way you could print your own pages or import into your own drawing/coloring app.

If you are interested in participating as a tester (free) please let me know!

I would love your feedback and ideas on my new adventure! Email me at

Dripping Springs Art League - Upcoming event

And now I am helping to form the non-profit Dripping Springs Art League along with my husband (President) and many other gallery owners and artists. We will have a "Let's Get the Party Started" meeting on Monday, August 21st at 6pm at Mercer St. Art & Boutiquein downtown Dripping Springs, Texas. So much momentum is happening and it is super exciting to be a part of this start-up. We are looking for artists and non-artists to become members, serve and/or lead committees. If you cannot make it, but are interested in learning more, send an email to

Keep in touch!

Please feel free to share a comment via email at

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Allison Buckner
Allison Buckner
10 ago 2023

lots of variations are possible! What about a book of smaller ones that can be torn out and used as postcards?

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