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My new "Clarity" art series

Hi everyone,

It's been a long time since I have created a blog and I have been wanting to get started again for quite some time.

New art series: "Clarity"

Over the past several months I have been creating this type of art which I just happened upon organically. I have sketchbooks filled with art that I felt was incomplete. For so long I was playing and experimenting with new brush marks, techniques, and mixing colors using water color and acrylic paints. I have so many sketchbooks filled with this type of art as well as other canvas paintings.

At first I was just bringing it in to my Procreate app to try different things to see how I wanted to adjust/redo. I ended up discovering a very meditative peaceful technique that I do every single day. To date I have about 100 of them!!!

My technique involves photographing my artwork (complete or not) and bringing the image into my Procreate app. I create a layer on top which then becomes my line art. I love the flowing feeling of drawing the lines with the intention of clarifying what I see. Stay tuned as my next few blogs will explain particular aspects of this technique.

This was actually from a piece of flow art that I created at the beginning of my art journey 6 years ago using a pouring technique with acrylic paints. I did so many of these "Paint Pours" and sold a few, but many of them live in my closet at home!

I wanted to breathe in new life and experiment with it. I soon discovered that I like to create loose, flowy, curvy lines (which really emulates my handwriting as well as my figure!). The line art is created on it's own layer and therefore I can save it as a coloring page (more on that later!).

I love the way this looks like a faux stained glass painting! I had this printed as a metal print and it currently hangs in my home gallery with several others that I had created.

The one at the top right is now for sale and on display at Mercer Street Art & Boutique in Downtown Dripping Springs!

One of the many things I love about Procreate is that it captures a Timelapse video that can be shared! Plus I can create anywhere I go - coffee shops, while traveling, crafting with friends, and more. I hope to one day teach people my technique.

Here is another example of my technique, also from a paint pour. For this one I was able to create two coloring pages - a basic one as well as a more intricate one.

If you are interested in coloring these in I am happy to email them to you. Simply send me an email at I would love to see what you come up with.

Dripping Springs Art League

And now I am helping to form the non-profit Dripping Springs Art League along with my husband (President) and many other gallery owners and representatives. We will have a "Let's Get the Party Started" meeting on Monday, August 21st at 6pm at Mercer St. Art & Boutique in downtown Dripping Springs. So much momentum is happening and it is super exciting to be a part of this start up. We are looking for artists and non-artists to become members, serve and/or lead committees, as well as joining the Board.


Keep in touch!

Please feel free to leave a comment via email at or on the Jennuine Expressions Facebook Page.



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