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My Clouds-inspired Art Process

So the other day I was sitting outside on my back porch. We actually had about 15 minutes of a light rain shower. I love the smell of rain - something that we desperately need here in Texas especially with all this drought. As I was sitting there looking up at the sky, I became unusually mesmerized by the rain clouds. I couldn't take my eyes away because I kept seeing figures in the clouds - mostly people and animals. I was inspired to create a new style of digital art!!

Even looking at these pictures gives me a sense of awe and amazement! I think I could make several pieces of art with just one cloud image! Oh, the possibilities!

Once I identify the image I want to use, I put it in the Notanizer app which allows me to play with the shadows, midtones, and highlights in grayscale. I fine-tune the levels until I clearly identify what I think I see.

Here is the original picture which I have to admit doesn't look anything like what I saw!

Using the Notanizer App on it, the images became more clear to me. At first I saw the witch flying on her broomstick... I also saw Mary Poppins holding her unopened umbrella and flying through the air with her long dress flowing behind her.

And then I looked again and saw two young lovers embracing and almost in a kiss! It reminds me of the ink blot images in psychology class. What do you see? Do you see what I see?

The next step was to import it into my Procreate App for iPad which I love so much. The end result doesn't resemble what I had in mind at the start, but I feel like this was what I was meant to draw.

You might understand it better when you watch this 30-second time-lapse video of the process. It went through many iterations! First the witch, then a proper victorian lady to a can-can dancer to this!

Fun facts: It's formatted as a 16"x 20", 300dpi, took 1,252 brush strokes and 1h 58m to complete.

As I was wrapping it up, I thought about the blank areas and felt like it was missing something. An idea popped into my mind to google what National Day it was that day. There was a list of a dozen, but the one that resonated with me was "National Just Because Day". So I added that title with the date and a little quote "I wish you a great day with no worries and only smiles." and added my digital artist signature as a finishing touch.

I enjoyed playing around with different brushes and experimenting - all part of the process!

Being the prolific creator that I am, I immediately had to do another one and another one and another one!

Here's the 30-sec time-lapsed video of this one. I felt like they were on a path together, doing their own thing, feeling the joy and headed over the hills... i especially love the cats!

So that's my new thing! I also am taking pictures of trees and I keep seeing faces, especially eyes watching me. Could be creepy, but I don't think so. I believe trees are alive and are always wanting good things for us. Okay, this is getting a little woo-woo, but that's ok. That's me!

I hope you enjoyed learning about this process and I look forward to creating more of these to share. If you happen to be interested in purchasing one of my designs, I will be happy to connect with you. It can be printed on canvas or metal, or even framed for you! Just email me at

Keep in touch!

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