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Art Blog #35 - Digital Artwork and Time-Lapse Videos

"New York Flower Shop" - Digital Art

FACTS: This digital drawing physically measures 19" x 26", and includes more than 56,000 brush strokes and 41 hours of tracked time. The full time-lapse vide is 32 minutes, and it's been condensed into just 30 seconds here below! And it's still not complete!!!!

Watch this 30-Second Time-Lapse of the "New York Flower Shop" creation:

"Flapper" - Digital Art

My son's homework assignment for US History

I was given only about 2 hour's notice to create this "masterpiece" on the request of my 17-year-old son. This is from his written journal:

"Since I have no drawing skills, I asked my fantastic mother, Jennifer Friedman of Jennuine Expressions, to draw me a photo depicting some part of the roaring 20s, be it the invention of the Model T, jazz, dancing, or the general lifestyle of the average middle class. This photo she drew depicted a dancer doing one of the most famous dance moves of the era: the charleston. The charleston dance is initially from a 1923 tune called "The Charleston" by composer/pianist James P. Johnson. Other than the fact that my mother is an amazing artist who can do anything I ask of her (she’s going to read this when I’m done), my mother is great at representing different aspects of the dancer’s outlandish makeup to her lavish dress to her tap shoes (with heels of course). Not represented on this amazing- I repeat- amazing drawing are the political changes made during the 1920s. With the invention of the Model T came newfound freedom for both teenagers and women. In 1919, the Prohibition Act ended the sale, creation, or distribution of any alcohol, so any alcohol sold was in the underground marketplace, which took off because of it. We also had three presidents during the 1920s: Warren G Harding who returned the US “back to normalcy”, Calvin Coolige who believed in a laissez-faire economy, and Herbert Hoover who is regarded as one of the most good for nothing presidents in recent history. Most recently added to that very same list of good-for-nothing presidents is… Donald J Trump! Work Cited - Friedman, Jennifer Lynn. Houston, TX."


Watch this 30-second time-lapse video on the Flapper creation

"Goldie" - Digital Art

I was just playing around with the golden color palette, and this is what I came up with... It's a little bit of graffiti, and bit of realism. I really like how it turned out. Not sure who it is as it just came from my own imagination. I usually need a reference photo of sorts. I like the contrast of her reddish lipstick, and the mix of soft and harsh lines. To me, it suggests movement.


Art Classes - "Sketching Houston"

In my art class this week we met at the House of Pies. Our assignment (apart from eating pie) was to draw one of the coffee cups or tea kettles that were on the table. We started with just the highlights, which is usually opposite of how I normally begin.

The second assignment was 2 parts. The first part we were to draw the person opposite of us. The tricky part was that we were drawing eachother at the same time, so I opted to draw Susanna with her eyes closed. The second part was to take a photo of that person and continue drawing in the details from what we could see on the digital image. I noticed a lot more shadows on my iPhone than I did in person.

Art Class - Color Theory

This past week we were working with the neutral color palette. Our task was to match as best as we could the artwork provided (far left). It proved to be very challenging, as you can see all the mixtures I made trying to get the right hues and values. What I learned is that there are many translucent acrylic paint layers. Plus the textures - a bit of scrubbing with the paper towel and dabbing my brush up and down. So difficult to recreate a master's work! The colorful paper in the middle is what I used to wipe the paint off of my brushes before changing colors. Quite a challenge. So much to learn and a long way to go!


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