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Sunrise, Sunset... 24"x30" acrylic on canvas

This week I had been a bit frustrated with some of my on-going projects and just needed a bit of a break, doing something new, fresh, and colorful. Not to mention, just plain fun!.

I just let this "flow" out of me, as I moved around all the colors on the canvas using a palette knife and heavy-body acylic paint.

I loved that unlike most of my art projects, this one only took me a couple of hours. I just love how the colors turned out... they mixed so well and makes me feel happy. Yay!

Let me know if you are interested in this artwork as a print, canvas, phone case, tumbler or more!

Beginning Magazine Collage Classes & On-going Workshops

Have you ever wondered how I create these kind of magazine collages? I started on this journey last year, and have learned as much as I could by watching YouTube videos. I am delighted to offer this beginning magazine collage classes and on-going workshops in which you will learn the steps to creating your own personalized amazing magazine collages.

My home/studio address will be provided to you upon registration (Houston - Meyerland/Bellaire area). If you have any questions or would like to register for classes or workshops, please email me at or call (713) 252-1612.

Mondays - June 3, 10, 17, 24

**Evening & Weekend classes available by appointment.**

Class: Noon - 2pm

Workshop: 1pm- 3pm

Beginning Magazine Collage Class

Noon - 2pm $35 in advance/$40 at the door

Although the class is over officially at 2pm, you are more than welcome to stay until 3pm.


  • Get inspired! See examples of my work, other artists work, finding out what inspires you and how to tell your art story.

  • Tools & Supplies - We will go over surfaces to collage on, cutting tools, types of papers to use, adhesives, how to get organized, and more!

  • Practical Information - how to begin, color combinations that work, how to find magazines and what images to look for, protecting your artwork, lessons I have learned along the way, and many more helpful tips

  • Hands-on Workshop - Begin with the end in mind, learn how to build your customized color palette, how to "harvest" a magazine, and techniques for piecing the papers together.

Ongoing Hands-on Workshop

(for those who have previously attended the Beginning Class)

1pm - 3pm $20 in advance/$25 at the door

Note: I will be conducting the Beginner's Class until 2pm, at which time I will be happy to help you with your specific projects. Also, if you bring a beginner with you, then your workshop fee is 50% off and you may attend with them at noon (bonus hour - woo hoo!) and work on your own project.


Scraps: To save or not to save?

Personally, I keep all my scraps together until my project is complete. That way if I needed one more piece of yellow to cover something up, I can find it right away!

How much patience do you have? What kind of mood are you in?

If I want to feel productive, but just want something mindless to do, I will pick up my leftover magazine scraps and all the tracing paper bits, grab my glue stick and go to town, creating "fabric" that will be used in future projects. I like the tracing paper as a background because it is very light weight and doesn't add a lot of bulk to my collages. If I don't feel like gluing, I will just bag up the bits into separate 2"x3" baggies (available to Michaels or Hobby Lobby).

Having the "fabric" made ahead of time makes it perfect for cutting strips and other shapes for future projects. I keep the colors separated and store them by their appropriate color families.

Tip: Just be sure that before you go to cut out your shape, make sure that you have glued down all the bits securely. I like to use a light coat of either Mod Podge Matte Finish or Liquitex Matte Medium. Both work very well, although the Mod Podge is easier on clean up for me.


Giclee Prints & Products available for sale

Giclee prints are available to order directly from me.

For phone cases, pillows, coffee mugs, etc., click on


RedBubble Prints & Products: Subscribe to my blog:

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