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My "Shadow People" series

It is time for my mixed media art to come out of the shadows... and into the light.

The "Shadow People" series was born after dabbling with intuitive abstract acrylic painting. I enjoyed how bright and fun the colors were and how well they “played” together The process was fun and I felt like I wanted to elevate abstract paintings to a new level.

I experimented with painting different shadow shapes in my art journals and even though I created the same stroke technique, the shadows began to reveal their own unique personalities. Some looked like they were wearing backpacks and jeans, others seemed to be wearing top hats, long flowing dresses, or even a mom carrying a baby.

I experimented with the sizes and discovered that if I could paint a few of the shadow people near each other and that they would become a “family”.

Many of the paintings have a window or archway, which makes me feel like the “family” is beginning to step into something new, and with that creating a fresh start with hope for the future. Thus, it became a new beginning.

This became my artwork series in the fall of 2017 as I was seeing families in our neighborhood move out of their flooded homes after Hurricane Harvey’s devastation. These paintings inspired me and gave me a sense of hope that our neighborhood would be coming back together again soon.

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