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Out of my comfort zone!

I hope you enjoy keeping up with my work in progress. I am very passionate about my newfound talent and look forward to sharing my work with you! - Jennifer


Sketching and stretching out of my comfort zone

I have loved this little bouquet of flowers. I have had them forever and I love the bent up leaves, layers of dust, and all!

I did, however, find it quite challenging to sketch. When using a reference photo I can see where my element sits in relation to the borders or framework. I can tell if this leaf is half-way down the page on the left and 3" inside of the margin. But when sketching from still life, those hard guidelines are not there to give a framework in which to follow, and thus it presents quite a challenge.

I suppose I could take a picture of the vase of flowers and work from the image, but that defeats the purpose. I want to grow my skills set when possible instead of staying in my comfort zone. for instance, I would love to go to the park on a nice day and sketch a scene as I see it rather than taking the photo and using that as the reference. I think that it will help me to "remain in the moment."

I started out repurposing an old canvas that had something on it I didn't like, so after I completed my initial sketch (as best as I could), I began painting layers to the background. I had learned that opposite colors on the color wheel (complimentary) make for a great contrast. So that is how I came up with the blue background which is opposite of the orangish pink I have in the flowers.

I like the way the vase has turned out so far. And as I add more contrast and detail to the leaves I can see it come together.

I think I need to straighten up the edge of the table the vase is sitting on and then work at blending out the background some more, and of course getting into the details of the flowers. I haven't been successful at painting flowers so I have been adding many layers of colors in the attempt at getting it "right", which I have found to be very subjective.

I will keep you posted on further developments!


Update: Oak Mountain State Park Commission

This is commission piece I have been working on for my husband. I think it has come a long way since it's first rendition. I am working on getting the path right. I think that I may need to add texture to it with the modeling paste, or maybe add grains of sand.

I found an image on Pinterest that had this log, rocks with trickling water. I really wanted to add it to my painting.

Also, the leaves close up on the ground I think should be more realistic looking. So I am working on adding the green grass underneath the leaves and then adding a few blades of grass poking up through the leaves. I have added the rocks and a ravine. I need to add a bit more detail to the rocks in front. I know I still have a lot more to do on this project, but it has truly been my focus this past week. I continue to amaze myself!

I am consulting with my husband just about every step of the way to make sure I keep on track. He has great ideas too! To read the full story click here.

Left: First rendition. Right: As it appears on my easel today.


Beginning Magazine Collage Classes & On-going Workshops

I am delighted to offer this beginning magazine collage classes and an on-going workshop series in which you will learn the steps to creating your own personalized amazing magazine collages.

My home/studio address will be provided to you upon registration (Houston - Meyerland/Bellaire area). If you have any questions or would like to register for classes or workshops, please email me at or call (713) 252-1612.

Mondays - June 17 & 24

Class: Noon - 2pm

Workshop: 1pm - 3pm

Private classes are also available!

Beginning Magazine Collage Class

Noon - 2pm $35 in advance/$40 at the door

Although the class is over officially at 2pm, you are more than welcome to stay until 3pm.


  • Get inspired! See examples of my work, other artists work, finding out what inspires you and how to tell your art story.

  • Tools & Supplies - We will go over surfaces to collage on, cutting tools, types of papers to use, adhesives, how to get organized, and more!

  • Practical Information - how to begin, color combinations that work, how to find magazines and what images to look for, protecting your artwork, lessons I have learned along the way, and many more helpful tips

  • Hands-on Workshop - Begin with the end in mind, learn how to build your customized color palette, how to "harvest" a magazine, and techniques for piecing the papers together.

At my next workshop I will be demonstrating how you can piece magazine images together with tracing paper in order to make an element for your collage.

Ongoing Hands-on Workshop

(for those who have previously attended the Beginning Class)

1pm - 3pm $20 in advance/$25 at the door

Note: I will be conducting the Beginner's Class until 2pm, at which time I will be happy to help you with your specific projects. Also, if you bring a beginner with you, then your workshop fee is 50% off and you may attend with them at noon (bonus hour - woo hoo!) and work on your own project.


Giclee Prints & Products available for sale

Giclee prints are available to order directly from me.

For phone cases, pillows, coffee mugs, etc., click on

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