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"Second Chance" Art Jubilee Wrap-up

I wanted to thank you to everyone who came to our Second Chance Art Jubilee and let you know how much I appreciate the opportunity to share my art with you and to "send my art into the Universe" for all to enjoy.

Special Thanks - "I couldn't have done it without you!"

- My husband, Steve, who has been my rock and partner as we enter this new chapter in our lives (post-retirement) together.

- My son Noah has been fabulous at setting up everything technical - credit card price listings, website, and anything and everything I.T. related. He has a super eye for detail and helps me to fix things in my art that I may have overlooked.

- My daughter, Gwendolyn, who I want to thank for getting me started on this art journey. A couple years ago we were trying to find new and exciting ways to make and sell art in order to raise money for her Cinderella Ball campaign to benefit Friends of Down Syndrome, a wonderful non-profit organization that offers academic and vocational training to adults with Down syndrome who have aged out or graduated from High School. (

- My daughter, Madolyn, who is my artistic supporter, and whose creative insights always amaze me. Although she is living in NYC, she is close to my heart. Thank you FaceTime!

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