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This week in art... Textures, swirly shapes, and colors!

What's on my "easel" today: "Canal view of Bruges"

Up close look at my newest magazine collage

I have been working with this image in many different ways, including digital art as well as magazine collage. I cannot tell you how many layers of images there are on top of one another. It seems that whenever I think I get close to completing a section, I find that "perfect" piece to add on. I found a couple of people that happened to be the exact size that I needed to keep the perspective accurate. They are each about a half-inch tall. I especially like the embellishing process - adding in the windows, staircases, and finding all the striped images to create the barrier between the sidewalk and the canal.

As I was working on the buildings reflection in the water (which is my first time to do so) I realize that really only the top most parts of the buildings are visible. I was looking for what I considered to be "blurry" images that had nice textures, but no lines. Currently I am going through all my blue-grays to find the perfect mix of sky and water. And of course, I try not to use images of the sky or water in my collage, but other things that may fit the bill. I am happy making progress on this one!

Creating digital art... my newest hobby!

Here is another version of a similar image. I introduced this one last week, but I feel like I have made a lot of progress. Still not quite finished. It's actually a lot harder to create than it looks!

(original Pinterest image here).

Digital image using the Procreate App on my Apple iPad and a stylus

I find it easiest to begin with something that inspires me. I love all the textures, swirly shapes, and colors. It seems to have a lot of dimension. I wish I knew where this was photographed, but am grateful to the person who shared it on Pinterest!

"It feels like the corner of a door

in a Caribbean village.

Warm, vibrant, and inviting."

- Steve Friedman, comment

The image on the right was one I created myself, using some of the elements from the first. I also created a digital color palette from he first image so I could use it on the second one.

I did not try to duplicate this house and garden exactly, but simply used it as a starting point to get the basic elements in place and in perspective. This was fun to create. I think I like the stonework better in my artwork than in my inspiration image.

For the butterfly and rose, I used actual photos from my collection as my first layer, and created these pictures using my own artistic style. It's so strange for me to have completed artwork, but not tangible (on my walls!). My next step is to have giclee prints made for myself and anyone else who wants to purchase one!

The last image here has the original image next to my artwork space so that I could learn how to create the textures more realistically. I love the soft green blur in the background. And oh, the colors! I love this combination! The image I used is also from Pinterest and there are color palettes on the side and that is where I pulled from with my colors.

Here's another example of different color palettes I have found that are interesting to me.


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