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This week's art stories

"Papa Henry" in color pencil

I came across the most amazing sepia photo of my grandfather from the 50's complete with his gangster hat and cigar. It is pushing my skills to create a replica of the image, but after many hours of sketching and lots of layers of color pencil, it is almost complete.

He always wore a hat on top of his balding head ever since I could remember. I still have one of his hats in my possession today. His hat is probably one of my favorite parts as I tried to get the values right - the shadows and the highlights, as well as giving it some textures. The photo I have is pretty dark, so I sort of winged it...

Ever since I can remember my grandfather was smoking either cigarettes or cigars. I couldn't stand the cigarette smell (and still can't) but did enjoy the smell of his cigar. I struggled with his hand and cigar. I have had little experience drawing hands, and found it a bit daunting, hence saving it for last... but I just broke the form down into basic shapes and worked on the darks first and then the highlights (trying to leave them white).

His hands are also special to me because of all the times I would sit and listen to him play his white baby grand piano by ear. "Turkey in the Straw" was my favorite and he would play it over and over agin for me, while his left hand bopped back and forth on the keys to the beat. I also recall his long, thick nails clickity-clacking on the ivories.

I think he would be proud.


Getting started with Oils...

I am having so much fun learning how to oil paint. It is quite a different process than what I am accustomed to. Thanks to several wonderful YouTube videos, I think I am getting the hang of it! The image on the left is from my own imagination and the one of the right, "Venice" is from a photo of our time there in 2006 while on a Med Cruise. It has more details to work in, but mostly finished on the left third.

Beginning Collage Classes & Hands-on Workshops

I am delighted to offer collage beginning classes and workshops in which you will learn the basic steps to making amazing collages. My address will be emailed to you upon registration. (Houston - Meyerland/Bellaire area)

Mondays - May 20, June 3, 10, 17, 24

Tuesdays - May 28

**Evening & Weekend classes available by appointment.**

Beginning Collage Class

Noon - 2pm $35 in advance/$40 at the door ~ Perfect for first-timers ~ Optional: Bring your own scissors, Xacto blade, cutting mat, glue stick, and any magazines or items you may have already collected. ~ All other supplies are provided. NOTE: Although the class is over officially at 2pm, you are more than welcome to stay until 3pm.

Hands-on Workshop

1pm - 3pm $20 in advance/$25 at the door ~ Includes access to my library of magazines and cutting tools. ~ If you bring a beginner with you, then your workshop fee is 50% off and you may attend with them at noon (bonus hour - woo hoo!) and work on your own project.

~ Advanced Technique Lesson will also be provided!

NOTE: I will be conducting the Beginner's Class until 2pm, at which time I will be happy to help you with your specific projects.

If you have any questions or would like to register for classes or workshops, please email me at or call (713) 252-1612.


So excited about my first easel! Thanks to my hubby for assembling it! Yes, I know my shirt is on inside out (ugh!)

Gallery Hours for May

This is the perfect time for you to drop in and see my art, or even see me as I am working on my pieces.

Tuesday, May 21 (1-3pm)

Wednesday, May 22 ((7-9pm)

Please let me know if you are planning on stopping by. Email me at, call or text (713) 252-1612.


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