This week's work in progress

My mission is to inspire others to explore their creative side and discover the artist within. Join me on this journey... you won't regret it!

"Raining Sunshine" 18x24 magazine collage on paper

Raining Sunshine...

It is raining sunshine and this young lady with her red rain slicker and parasol and strutting through life without reserve...

I really enjoyed working on this magazine collage. The background was so fun. All the pieces are about 2-3" long, are torn by hand, and has a bright white background with colorful letters, shapes, and images. I I even included a few full length fashion models that are strutting their stuff! Can you find how many there are in total?

Her hair is actually from a few different tassels that I had left over from some bookmarks I made some time ago. Her hair is free flowing in the wind.

Still left to do is fixing the umbrella since it looks to be in an odd shape and then I will be adding in her hand that is holding the gem-covered base of the umbrella. And of course... what shoes should she be wearing? And do I add in her facial features, or just leave it alone. Decisions, decisions! There are no right answers. So I will just listen to my intuition.

An angel makes her appearance

One of the things I love about painting abstracts is the ability to go with my flow and not to have something in mind before I get started, but just to let my intuition guide me through the painting process.

After a few minutes of adding big swipes of colors, I noticed this little angel in the bottom right hand corner who appeared as if by magic. I didn't intentionally draw her. But somehow she came to show herself. She looks like she is on a beach near the ocean, but there are puddles that surround her and I can see a glimpse of her reflection. This is only about 2 inches in all, so I painted an arch which I believe to be a "gateway" of sorts.

I consider myself to be a spiritual person and I believe that angels watch over me. This is just another affirmation that I am on the right track in my life's journey. Do you believe that angels watch over you?

From "Shadow People" series to "Into the Light" series

The "Shadow People" series was born after dabbling with intuitive abstract acrylic painting. I enjoyed how bright the colors were and how well they “played” together The process was fun and I felt like I wanted to elevate abstract paintings to a new level.

I experimented with painting different shadow shapes in my art journals and even though I created the same stroke technique, the shadows began to reveal their own unique personalities. Some looked like they were wearing backpacks and jeans, others seemed to be wearing top hats, long flowing dresses, or even a mom carrying a baby. I experimented with the sizes and discovered that if I could paint a few of the shadow people near each other and that they would become a “family”.

Many of the paintings have a window or archway, which makes me feel like the “family” is beginning to step into something new, and with that creating a fresh start with hope for the future. Thus, it became a new beginning. This became my artwork series in the fall of 2017 as I was seeing families in our neighborhood move out of their flooded homes after Hurricane Harvey’s devastation. These paintings inspired me and gave me a sense of hope that our neighborhood would be coming back together again soon.

Continuing on with the arches, I have begun painting colorful flowers and people.

It's 2019 and this year my series contains bright cheerful colors. I have taken my shadow people out of the dark and have clothed them and have given them a world of beauty as I see it. I still love the arches as gateways and I am continuing to develop my skills with painting. Thank you for joining me on this journey.

This is also a favorite painting. The staircase going up to me means that you have a choice. If you make the climb you will find the most beautiful things you have ever imagined! This is an image of a mom with her 4 children on a warm summer's day at the lake.

She is helping her son learn about taking pictures with her camera and how to capture beauty. The 3 young sisters are playing with one another the old fashioned way - without smartphones!

I like that this painting doesn't have a lot of details and has an impressionist feel. You know that there are colorful flowers and faces, yet they are not clearly defined.

Both of these pieces have been sold, but prints are available if you are interested.