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What inspires you to create?

This week for me was beautiful flowers, a little red Miata getaway, relaxing on the beach, designing "Sunrise, Sunset" merchandise, and finding paint on sale.

Acrylic Flower Vases series - making progress..

I am really loving working on this series. I am teaching myself how to paint flowers using different blending techniques. Which one is your favorite?.

Little Red Miata Convertible Getaway with Hubby

My husband Steve and I celebrated our 28th anniversary this week! He recently purchased his dream car - a little red convertible Mazda Miata. The two of us spent the day driving with the top down for about an hour on our way down to Galveston. We enjoyed lunch on the Pier, shopping, ice cream, and relaxing together on the beach.

Steve read a book as I, of course, was sketching the beach scene with my portable watercolor pencils and an aqua brush. I was so glad I took a reference picture because as I was about half-way done sketching, the rental company took down the empty chairs and umbrella. How rude! Couldn't he see I was drawing it?!

I spent the next several days adding to my "Life's a Beach" scene with watercolor paint. I really enjoyed creating families and seeing how they would interact together. I also am happy with the way my seabirds turned out.

Love those Little Red Stickers!

I couldn't believe my luck... the Liquitex Heavy Body acrylic paint tubes were all 75% off at Hobby Lobby this week! I was only planning on buying white paint! Let's get painting!!!

"Sunrise, Sunset" merchandise now available for purchase!

Check out all the amazing products that you can purchase on with this fabulous colorful design! Makes wonderful gifts for friends and family (and yourself!). Sign up for their email list and receive notices of daily discounts.


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